Breeding test

On 24 May 2014 Malaika Champion Tina Trading Tina Turner  has passed the breeding exam of the German breeders Community Rhodesian Ridgeback eV under breed judge Mrs. Karin van Klaveren.

Malaika passed all parts of the test with mark A – when shooting test she shows no reaction !!

Self-confidence, temperament and tractability: very good !! 🙂

Extracts from the exterior Rating:

Feminine bitch, with a very nice expression, dark eye, correct set and carried ears, strong muzzle and neck, shoulder mounted correctly, the back is straight. Malaika has a very good depth of chest and forechest, correct paws and is very well angulated in front and rear. Your gait is smooth with good drive and precedence.

Finally, it is described as feminine, full of substance bitch with friendly and balanced character!

We are very pleased with the great results of our girl!

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