(MCh. Aresvuma Zahara Zinara x MCh. Shelridge Aussie Rebel)


After an eternal period of waiting and hoping Chaka came from the Belgian Kennel “Mkondo wa Simba” by Birgit and Daniel Lawrenz to us. Chaka comes from the great Outcrossmating between MCh. Aresvuma Zahara Zinara X MCh. Shelridge Aussie Rebel. He was born the fourth of 13 puppies.

Chakas pedigree has not only very successful parents, but also very famous and successful grandparents and great-grandparents:

MCh. Shelridge Aussie Rebel
MCh. Aresvuma Zahara Zinara
BISS/RUBISS Ch Lionsbane Hes The Boss
RUBISS Ch Ozrhode Divine Mystique
Ch. Tarujen Penzi
Ch. Aresvuma Bara Etana
Chakas father, Mch. Shelridge Aussie Rebel is one of the most successful Ridgebacks in the Czech Republic. He is not only beautiful, but above all he has an excellent character. Rebel is designed to be very successful in tracking and with his owner Katerina he celebrated many successes. Katerina imported Rebel from the Australian Kennel “Shelridge” by Dawn Redman.

MCh. Aresvuma Zahara Zinara, Chakas mother is a russian girl. Birgit imported little Zara from the very successful russian kennel “Aresvuma”. Zara is very successful and accompanied Chaka at most exhibitions. Together with sister Juno, the three are an unbeatable team. Zara is a very balanced and socially acceptable female. She is very approachable and easygoing.
Although we could not imagine to welcome a male dog into our family, we decided immediately to take “Mr. Black.” He is an incredibly faithful soul, since the first day we met. He was always close to us and slept for hours in our lap. Until now, he has not taken this property – on the contrary! Mr. Black is always busy to hold his pack together. On walks there is no chance to hide … Chaka revolves precisely around every 15 seconds and checks out if we are still aroung

His favorite hobby, besides playing with little Malaika is swimming. He is a real water baby and we are daily concerned that he will soon grow webbed claws. Chaka swims everywhere: in the Baltic Sea, the Rhine, in the many lakes that exist in our area, in the Erft Swist …. or at bests: in the pool (in his imagination!!) .. . Since Chaka is with us, we needn´t woworry about, someone could drown in the pool … as soon as someone comes out of the house wearing a bathing suit, Chaka sneaks in and monitored the partying.

Besides all his hobbies Chaka also enjoys the work very much. He’s just like his daddy Rebel, a real workhorse. My mother, shortly after Chaka immigrated to Germany and into our hearts in August ’10, started to train him. Up to date, he is mega proud if he can bring something, or if he feels that he is doing his job well.

Besides Chakas perfect quality as a family member or a best friend he is very successful in international showring. At the age of only 24 month Chaka has become a Multi Champion. He is Champion of Luxembourg, German Champion Club and German Champion VDH. We are very happy.

We can not have a better, sweeter, more attentive, more wonderful dog …. he is much more than we ever expected … Thanks again to Birgit and Dano to decide that Chaka has to be in our care, only seconds after Zara gave birth to him. For the great support, the great hours on exhibitions … and … and … and … and to Katerina, who has given her great Rebel. Chaka has soooo much of his daddy. Thank you!

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