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Champion Mkondo wa Simba Juuchaka passed his at DZRR under judge Karin van Klaveren on 6th of April, 2013.

Abstract of the report of judge Mrs. Karin van Klaveren:
Chaka is very self confident, he has a very good temper and obedient.
His head is of an excellent breed type with a very good expression,
strong muzzle and excellent lower jaw.
His neck is elegant without loose skin and of sufficient length. He has a correct lay of shoulders and an excellent strong topline. Very good forechest with good depth of chest and possess excellent well arched feet.
Chaka’s front and rear angulation is excellent, facilitating his sound movement with good reach and drive.

Finally he is described as a “masculine dog of excellent breed type
and very good movement”!
We are very thrilled about this wonderful report!

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