08.12.2013 – Mr. Trumpfheller, Exc. 
3,5 jähriger, typischer Rüde, der sich flüssig frei im Ring präsentiert, anatomisch korrekt, im Wesen angenehm.
17.11.2013 – Mrs. Cernohubova, BOS, CACIB
Well balanced male with excellent head and eypression. Nixe wund eye. Correct bite. Sufficient neck. I´d like to see more angulation in the shoulders. Excellent average. Correct ridge. Moves well. Nice character and perfect presentation.
16.11.2013 – Mr. Eva, Exc. 2, CAC
Well formed dog, strong smooth muscle tone, well constructed head, ridge could start a little closer to the neck, but good formation, good angulation front and back, moves with power.
13.10.2013 – Mrs. Key, Res. BOS, CACIB
Dog of good size, bone, substance, length of neck, elegant out there, very clean legs. Good depth of busket. Good crowns and correct ridge. Head of good size and proportions with good pigment. Would prefer a slightly less ?? eye but muzzle presents strenght, steble temperament and excellent move
11.10.2013 – Mr. Filiberto, Exc. 2
Very good headprece, nice lines of the head. Good round eye, the colour of the eye could be darker. Very nice front, very good rearangulation, balanced dog overall, the ridge is also good.
30.08.2013, Fr. Jürgens, Exc. 3
3 Jahre, eleganter dunkelrotweizen farbener Rüde, etwas lang im Rücken, Kopf und Hals sehr edel, etwas steil in der Schulter, in der Bewegung etwas eng, im Vorderbein jedoch schwungvoll, korrektes Scherengebiss.
25.08.2013, Fr. Kavcic, Exc 3
3 years old, good size, excellent head, well shaped body, strong legs and feet, balanced movement, excellent in front, very good behind, long tail.
28.07.2013, Hr. Juanchicot, Exc. 1
vorzügliche größe und Gebäude, vorzüglicher Ridge und Krone, vorzüglicher Nacken, schöner maskuliner Kopf mit gutem Ausdruck, Vorzüglicher Vorderläufe und Brust, vorzügliche Hinterhand und Kruppe, korrekte Farbe, vorzügliche Bewegung.
27.07.2013, Fr. Schicker, Exc. 2
kräftiger, freundlicher, maskuliner Kopf, runde Augen – dominant. Behänge korrekt angesetzt und getragen. Kräftiger Hals, gestreckter und fester Rücken mit ausreichend langen korrektem Ridge, gerade Vorderläufe, tiefe Brust, müheloser harmonischer Bewegungsablauf, dunkelweizenfarbig.
26.05.2013, Fr. Wang, Exc. 1, BOS, BOB, BISS
eyes correct to coat, muzzle could be longer, shoulder lay back a bit upright in upper arm, brisket should reach elbow, ridge should start at shoulders and extend to hip bone, well muscelled hint quarter, good top line, moved straight and true.
25.05.2013 – Hr. Guerrero, Exc. 1
carries his tail too high, good side movement, good balance, good front, good movement.
20.05.2013 – Hr. Leenen, Exc. 1, res. BOS
3 Jahre alter Rüde, gute Proportionen, maskuliner Kopf, dunkle Augen, ? Starker Unterkiefer, gute Hals + Rückenlinie, korrekte Kruppe, schöne Winkelungen mit starken Knochen, Brust tief und gute aufgerippt, korrektes Gangwerk.
19.05.2013 – Hr. Peper, Exc.
Maskuliner Rüde, vorzüglicher Kopf + Ausdruck + Oberlinie + Proportionen + Winkelung + Pfoten + Ridge + Haar, raumgreifende, parallele Bewegung, gleichmäßig konvergierend.
11.05.2013 – Fr.  Maidment, Exc. 2
nice dark red dog with good bone, nice male head with pleasing expression, good length of neck, good lay of shoulder, a little up in upperarm, good depth, well ribbed back, good rear angulation, moved well.
10.05.2013 – Fr. Woodrow, VG
quality dog with lovely head and expression, fair mack of neck, av. Lay of shoulder and little upright in upperarm, good chest, depth and ribbed back, very good body length, strong to his loins, likes some spring of ribs, croupe a little short, likes some strength behind, profile movement light and reach, coming and going can close move behind.
25.11.2012 – Hr. Schogol, Exc.
26 month, medium size, smooth silhouette, bit long in loins, could have better frontchest, good angulation behind, stabile enough profile movement.
29.09.2012 – Hr. Juslin – Exc. 1
excellent type, good length in head, but needs to be more masculine allover, excellent bones, correct shaped body, needs to be stronger over the (?), good bend of stifte behind, moves nicely, very nice to look at when standing.
17.06.12 – Mr. Vilmos – Exc.3
beautiful 23 months old dog, typical head, correct bite, nice neck, compact body, correct legs and tail, good color and Ridge.
16.06.12 – Fr. Tarjan – Exc. 1, BOS
good head and ears, eyes could be darker, good top and bottom line, parallel runs, in move tail is carried a little bit high.
10.06.12 – Fr. Grigorova – VG
medium-sized dog with a bit of a long format, very intense wheat color, beautiful shiny coat, standing in the forehand a bit tight, so he moves a little short step, in move tail is carried a little bit high.
09.06.12 – Hr. Spörr – Exc. 2
23 months old male, excellent size, male with a very typical expression, exquisitely shaped head, scissors, good pigment, excellent top line with a firm back, very well-shaped rib cage, good bone, angled correctly in front and rear, firm paws, safe friendly disposition, movement with good ground cover.
19.05.12 – Fr. Codognotto – Exc.4
22 months old, red wheaten, male of excellent breed type, beautiful head, attractive figure, front and rear balanced, good depth of chest and length of rib and good hindquarters, strong bone, good feet and a Excellenter Ridge, in the movement, he is consistent and shows good reach and drive, a total of a beautiful dog.
12.05.12 – Dr. Peper – Exc.1
Scissors, masculine male, excellent head, excellent topline, proportions, angles, feet, chest and tail, excellent coat with excellent Ridge, expansive movement parallel, sometimes a little soft in the forehand.
25.03.12 – Fr. Ralfe – Exc. 3
large muscular dog, the front and back moderately angulated, very good front and lower chest, strong topline, ribbed up particularly well, short powerful loin, long ridge, very good croup, the tail is partially worn something joyful, convincing in its movement, quiet friendly behavior, correct ridge, red wheaten, complete scissors.
03.02.12 – Hr. Achtergael – Exc. 1
19 months, complete scissor bite, good head with well set ears and a little bright eye, well angulated shoulders, properly angled hindquarters, adequate forechest, great ridge and crowns, good bone and a bit long toes, great tail, runs fast, great type. Exc
27.11.11 – Fr. Ovesna Exc.1
17 months old, well-proportioned dog, compact, typical head, brown eyes, good ears, good catch, good skull, strong back, strong bone, very good chest, free movement.
26.11.11 – Hr. Jancik – Exc.1
17 months, a beautiful male in good type, very nice head, corr. Bite, all teeth, corr. Ears, corr. Eyes, perfect topline, corr. Tail, corr. Chest, middle chest, very good movement, corr. angled, corr. Ridge, very good handling.
05.11.11 – Fr. Besoff – Exc. 1, res. BOS
Quality male of balance in both confirmation and movement. Correct ridge. Well presented. In healthy body and weight. Outstanding male with good attributes.
16.10.11 – Hr.Eberhardt – Exc.2
Young male with a very nice rectangular distinctive format, correct male head and medium brown eyes, correct bite, nice length of neck and trunk development, very good bone and feet, most harmonious angle, best coordinated movement and absolutely confident behavior
14.10.11 – Hr. Spoljaric – Exc.1
15 months old, correct bite, beautiful head, very good bottom and top line, good angulation, hair ok
02.10.11 – Hr. Sanders Exc. 3
Impressive dog, good head with nice proportions, excellent neck, good bone and feet, good depth of chest, excellent ridge with good length and very good Crowns, coherent motion
24.09.11 – Hr.Wellens – Exc. 2
15 month old handsome dog, breed typical head and great ears, slightly longer stop is desired, correct scissor bite, good neck, correct hindquarters, good strong bone, nice compact feet, good forechest, good and thick coat, correct ridge, a little young in the gait , carries his tail very happy
10.09.11 – Fr. Bregenzer – VG 2
14 months, good size masculine, a little long in the back, correct scissor bite, good pigmentation, good chest width and depth, correct ridge, correct angulation, good movement shows well.
03.09.11 – Hr. Willberg – Exc. 4
Excellent type, nice height and proportions, very nice head, little long ears, prefer darker eyes, well balanced with good angulation and body, very nice ridge, great movement.
10.07.11 – Hr.Peper – Exc. 2
masculine young male, excellent head, excellent topline, very good underline, excellent proportions, angulation, paws and tail, very good chest, excellent coat with exquisite Ridge, liquid elegant movement.
09.07.2011 – Hr. Deutscher – Exc. 2
young type, very nice head, excellent ridge, excellent color, very good angulations, straight back, deep chest, free movement, a little tight in the rear, very friendly in nature.
12.06.2011 – Fr. Clerc
11 month-old male who has to develop. Throughout a lighter type. Beautifully shaped head, typical expression, good bone, well angulated, closed feet, unfinished in the movement. Takes time and needs to evolve.

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