Champion of Belgium
BE Liegé Champion Class Dr. Peper (D) Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, Golden Winner
Mrs. De Ridder (BE) Best in Group VI
Mrs. Blaha (AT) 3. BEST IN SHOW
D Clubshow Moers Champion Class Excellent
D Moers Champion Class Excellent
D Saarbrücken Champion Class Excellent 2, res CAC VDH & Club
D Saarbrücken Champion Class Excellent 4
D Europasieger Champion Class Excellenrt 3
Champion of Croatia
HR Zadar Champion Class Lemo (HR) Excellent 1, CAC, res. CACIB
HR Zadar Champion Class Alessandra (I) Rxcellent 2, res. CAC
HR Zadar Champion Class Catalan (P) Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB 3. Best in Group 
HR Dubrovnik Champion Class Müller (CH) Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOBBEST IN GROUP VI
HR Dubrovnik Champion Class Vaclavik (CZ) Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS
BE Antverpen Champion Class Delmar Excellent 2, res. CAC
D CACIB Kassel Champion Class Trumpfheller (D) Excellent (5)
Internationaler Schönheits-Champion
CH CACIB Geneve Champion Class Cernohubova Excellent 1, CAC, BOS CACIB
CH CACIB Geneve Champion Class Eva (SA) Excellent 2, CAC
Fr CACIB Douai Champion Class Eldred (AUS) Excellent 2, Res. BOS, CACIB
Fr CAC Douai Open Class Schock (D) Excellent 1, Res. CAC
Clubshow RRCF Open Class Arniella (PR) Excellent 2
CH Eurodog Show Champion Class Forte (IE) Excellent – under last 5 dogs
CH Clubshow RRCS Champion Class Jürgens (D) Excellent 3
CH CACIB Geneve Champion Class Schock (D) Excellent
D German Winner Champion Class Kavcic (SLO) Excellent 3
D Bremen Champion Class Klopsch (D) Excellent 1, CAC VDH, Res. BOS, Res. CAC Club und Res. CACIB
Deutscher Champion Club 
D Clubshow E.L.S.A. Champion Class Jouanchicot (F) Excellent 1, CAC VDH and CAC Club
D Speciality Show Bad Wildungen Champion Class Schicker (D) Excellent 2, Res. CAC VDH und Res. CAC Club
BE Liegé Champion Class Leenen (BE) Excellent 2
BE Genk Champion Class Oates (IRE) Excellent 2
D Clubshow DZRR Champion Class Wang (SAF) Excellent 1 CAC-VDH,
Clubsieger 2013
D Speciality Show Appel Champion Class Guerrero (USA) Excellent 1, CAC-VDH
Deutscher Champion VDH
D Saarbrücken Champion Class Leenen (BE) Excellent 1, CAC-VDH und Club, 
Vize Saarland Sieger 2013
D Saarbrücken Champion Class Dr. Peper (D) Excellent
D CACIB Dortmund Open Class Maidment(GB) Excellent 2, Res. CAC-VDH
D Europasieger Show Open Class Woodrow (GB) Very good
BE Antverpen Champion Class Achtergael (BE) Excellent 3
BE Genk Champion Class Excellent
NL Wijchen Champion Class Bogren (S) Very good 2
BE Brüssel Champion Class De Cuyper (BE) Excellent
NL Amsterdam Champion Class Schogol (Ge) Excellent
BE  Kortrijk Champion Class Letroye-Lantin (BE) Excellent
D  Recklinghausen Open Class Juslin (FI) Excellent 1, CAC-VDH
Champion of Luxembourg
L Luxembourg Open Class Jentgen (L) Excellent 1, CAC-L
BE Mechelen Open Class De Cuyper (BE) Excellent 1, Res. BOS, CAC and CACIB
BE Liegé Open Class O´Gorman (IE) Excellent 3
BE Genk Open Class von den Bosch (BE) Excellent 1, BOS CAC and CACIB, 
        best of breed BOB and
Ring of honour O´Brien (IE) 2. Best in Group VI 
NL Uden Intermed. class Reyniers (BE) Excellent 1
D Clushow DZRR Intermed. Class Vilmos (HU) Excellent 3
D Speciality Show DZRR Intermed. class Tarjan (HU) Excellent 1, CAC-VDH & BOS CAC-Club
D Erfurt Intermed. class Grigorova (BU) Very good
D Erfurt Intermed. class Spörr (A) Excellent 2, Res. CAC-VDH
NL Arnheim Intermed. class Coppens (NL) Excellent 1, Res. BOS, res. CAC und Res. CACIB
A Salzburg WDS Intermed.class Müller (CH) Excellent 2, Res. CAC
A Salzburg Intermed. class Codognotto (AUS) Excellent 4
D Europasieger Intermed. class Dr.Peper (D) Excellent 1, 2x CAC-VDH und 2x CAC-Club
L Luxembourg Intermed. class Reisinger (A) Excellent 1, CAC
D Moers Intermed. class Ralfe (SA) Excellent 3
BE Gent Intermed. class Gonzalez € Excellent 1
BE Genk Intermed. class Seibel (D) Very good 1
NL Eindhoven Intermed. class Achtergael (BE) Excellent 1
BE Mouscron Intermed. class de Ridder (BE) Very good 1
BE Brüssel Youth class Barnes (GB) Excellent 4
German Youthchampion CLub
D Annaberg Youth class Ovesna (CZ) Excellent 1, J-CAC-VDH und Club 
        Jugendsieger Annaberg
D Annaberg Youth class Jancik (CZ) Excellent 1, J-CAC-VDH und Club 
        Jugendsieger Erzgebirge
NL Bleiswijk Youth class Besoff (AUS) Excellent 1, J-CAC, Res. BOS, Res. CAC
BE Leuven Intermed. class Chwalibog (PL) Excellent 3
D Bundessieger Youth class Eberhardt (D) Excellent 2, Res. J-CAC
D Dortmund Youth class Spoljaric (HR) Excellent 1, J-CAC-VDH und Club
BE Charleroi Intermed. class Letroye-Lantin (BE) Excellent 1, BOS, CAC
NL Zwolle Youth class Sanders (GB) Excellent 3
NL Maastricht Youth class Wellens (NL) Excellent 2
D Recklinghausen Youth class Boelaars (NL) Very good 2
D Recklinghausen Youth class Bregenzer (A) Very good 2
NL Houten Youth class Wilberg (N) Excellent 4
D Dülmen Youth class Deutscher (A) Excellent 2, Res. J-CAC-VDH und Club
D Dülmen Youth class Dr.Peper (D) Excellent 2, Res. J-CAC VDH and Club
D Saarbrücken Youth class Seibel (D) Very good 3
D Saarbrücken Youth class Clerc (CH) Very good 1
D Dortmund Youth class Klopsch (D) Very good
D Recklinghausen Puppy class Maissen-Jarisch (AU) VP1
D Genk Puppy class Van Brempt (BE) VP1 and best Puppy

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